Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cute Giveaway!

Here is a link to a super cute giveaway from Poppy Seed Projects. An awesome calendar helping to get life organized!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Well . . .

I cannot believe how fast time flies! I went to take a look at something on the blog and realized it still looked like Christmas! Oops!

Well there have been quite a few fun things that have happened in the past . . . 4 months (almost 5). Let's see, I could brag about all of the awesome things that my amazing husband got for me for Christmas.

1.  He bought my a Silhouette Cameo (a crafting machine that I wanted really really bad and I am now in love with.)

2.  He surprised me and bought me a Kindle Fire! He had been taking me to Best Buy to take a look at the tablets and apparently he was gauging my reactions to them. I just thought that he was looking at them to dream because as much as he probably wouldn't want to admit it, he's as big a window shopper as I am. I had no idea that he ever had any intention of buying one ever, let alone buying one for me! Again, another gift that I love, love, love!

I definitely felt thoroughly spoiled this year. I had been thinking and and thinking trying to come up with something to get Jared, but every time I brought it up he adamantly told me that he didn't want anything for Christmas. No matter how I phrased it or brought it up he kept telling me he didn't want anything! So come Christmas morning I still hadn't gotten him anything for Christmas. As we got ready for the day I started to cry (big baby) because I told him that I really hadn't gotten him anything. He just laughed, hugged me, and said, "That is the best Christmas present that you could have given me. I told you I didn't want anything!" Now that made me better kind of, but mostly worse. Why the heck didn't he want anything? But then as you can see, we had spent a lot of money on me apparently for Christmas so his gift was just to not spend any more money. Ha ha! 

London Raquel Giveaway

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want to . . .

Well, my birthday week started out great! My in-laws took Jared and I out for dinner, then surprised me with cake and ice cream at their house afterwards with the whole family. My niece Savannah wrote in my birthday card this year and it was adorable! "I lov yuo - Savannah" So cute. Friday night, Jared took me out to eat at Olive Garden and our waiter was hilarious. He's probably one of the best waiters I've ever had. I wanted to get his autograph because he reminded me of Seth Rogen, but Jared wouldn't let me. Even for my birthday.

Seth Rogen
My Waiter . . . Oh wait that's Seth Rogen.

After dinner, Jared took me to go see the latest Twilight movie. Breaking Dawn (?). I had already seen it, but Jared hadn't and he knows that I like us to do weird corny things together. The first time I went to see it with my mother in law and baby sister (she's 15) and it was probably the most awkward I've ever felt . . . um ever. And just like I did the first time, during all the blood when she was giving birth I was gagging and grossed out and almost determined that I will never have children. People keep telling me it's not as bad as that but . . . we'll see. Jared also gagged and was worse than me almost so that made me feel better about it. The first time, Heidi had to almost carry me out of the theater I was so faint from all the blood. (Blood never used to bother me until I watched Daybreakers . . . it's a movie about vampires and it was fine up until a 2 minute segment at the end that's almost pure blood. I had turned white and couldn't sit up, oh man. It was bad.) This time around I think I was a little more used to the blood so Jared didn't have to carry me out or anything.

Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 1 teaser poster
Sorry everyone. I'm team Jacob. I hate Edward. And Bella. I hate  Bella most. You know what. I'm also team Seth. He is adorable! I love him!

Saturday Jared had to spend all day at a wrestling tournament so I spent the day mostly to myself.  An awesome friend of mine took me out to lunch, then I treated myself to a little shopping at Kohl's. Then I went home and did absolutely nothing. We were hoping to be able to go to Jim Gaffigan but at the time when tickets went on sale we just didn't have the money to do it. Sad day. My mom, aunt and her three kids, my grandma, and two youngest siblings came caroling Happy Birthday to my door (is that normal?) and hung out with me for a little bit. 

Then my day turned terrible! Jared and I went to go somewhere (I don't even remember where) and I could not find my wedding ring! We looked everywhere. I cleaned the entire apartment. Jared moved big things and checked the sink. It was no where. So I cried all night long. It might sound a little silly but Jared and I said a prayer that we would be able to find it. My parents were praying for us as well as some other family who knew about it. Sunday, we still couldn't find it so I cried some more. That night Jared was trying to comfort me and told me if we really couldn't find it that we would open up an account and start putting money in it so that we could buy me another one because I'm "worth it." I know it was meant to make me feel better but I felt terrible! So I cried some more. Monday, still nothing so this whole time I've just been wearing this crappy like $5 ring from Claire's. Finally, last night I was putting some clean laundry away and lo and behold I see it sitting there on my bed underneath where I had put all of my clean clothes!

I still don't know where it came from really but I'm just so grateful that I was able to find it. I think it's just another one of those tender mercies from my Heavenly Father. P.S. - I'm never taking my ring off again.

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